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Virtue Marketing: Connections That
Create Impact

The right fundraising approach can have a powerful impact for an organization. It’s no wonder, then, that we at Virtue Marketing have taken so much time to refine our live marketing style to help the causes we care about. Our approach focuses on increasing non-profit donor acquisition – we represent charities we believe in to engage new donors and increase monthly sponsorships.

Our in-person method gets these organization in front of the donors who are most likely to respond to our messaging. Virtue Marketing’s brand experts know how to engage people with compelling messages that are professionally delivered, so more people can rally behind causes that drive change.

Our Strategy for Success

Every organization’s vision for success is different, which is why our Virtue Marketing solutions are tailored to fit every new challenge we encounter. We effectively serve our clients and our team using a customized, three-part approach that is proven to deliver results.

Customer Connections:

Because we focus on one-on-one promotions, we can engage the public at their level, and respond in real time to any questions or needs they have about the cause. This strategy lets us build excitement and sponsorships fast.

Individual Relationships

We want people to wake up every morning knowing they are heading to a job they enjoy, and in an atmosphere they appreciate. Nobody finds success alone; we all need mentors to support us through challenges and root for our success. The amazing network we’ve created has helped so many reach their goals. When a team is happy and driven, that’s reflected in the results and opportunities that are generated. What this means is you should love what you do and whom you do it with.


Personal growth is at the top of our culture. We open the doors to new skills, more knowledge, and a greater sense of self confidence. We provide access to training and education that can help you grow professionally and personally. While we appreciate your previous experience, we’re looking for great students more than anything else.

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